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Choose Your Plan

Food Matters looks at your health history, health goals, lifestyle and food preferences to formulate a menu that is just right for you.

We can partner with anyone on your wellness team to bring you to your goals; be it your doctor, nutritionist, trainer, etc. Food Matters believes in a person’s

There is no one diet for success. Whether you are an actor getting ready for a role, or a new mom looking to shed some pregnancy weight, we can formulate a plan that
is right for you.


Delivered Fresh

Fully cooked meals are delivered fresh to your doorstep every day, Monday through Friday. Should you want weekend food, that gets delivered with Friday’s food.

Meals come in reusable cooler bags with ice packs. Food comes packaged in our zero waste packaging solution from World Centric. The containers and lids are made from pressed vegetable materials. The containers are oven friendly.

We suggest heating dinners right in the containers at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Containers should be put into regular trash or compost. They breakdown into
compost in 90 days.


Eat and Enjoy

We don’t use any gluten, cow’s dairy, refined grain or sugar, but within these parameters we make some magic happen.

Our clients still enjoy bagels for breakfast, wraps for lunch and steak for dinner.

Our food is organic, all animal products are pasture raised and all the seafood
we use is wild.


the menu

Our food comes packaged in zero-waste, biodegradable containers, which can be thrown in the regular trash and will break down completely in 90 days. These plant-protein based containers are also oven-safe, so dinners can be warmed directly in them with lids removed.